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Garage Doors Safety Tips for Homeowners

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Garage doors are more than just a place to keep your car at home. These enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house and boost the security of the items you keep there. You can also be assured that your kids will not wander very far when they play. However, the garage door might also be a harbinger of danger when used improperly.

Just because garage doors are easy to operate does not mean you should overlook its hazards. Here are the tips for ensuring safety when using the garage at all time.

Regular inspections

One of the easiest and the best things you can do to prevent injuries is to conduct monthly inspections. Inspect the gears and cables to determine the garage door is working as intended. Open and close the door multiple times to catch any safety issue as early as possible.

Keep the Remote Away from Children

Kids will press anything that has a button. That in itself is good unless they are holding a garage door remote. Garage doors can cause serious injuries and may even result in permanent disability depending on the injury. Keep this away from the kids to prevent them from playing the remote accidentally. Explain to them that the garage door remote is not a toy.

Make the Garage Door Open When Starting a Car

We strongly advise on starting your car with the garage door closed. Vehicles emit noxious gasses that can be deadly when inhaled for a long time. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is known to kill dozens of people every year.

Do not Place the Garage Door Opener in the Car

It works on simple logic. Do you leave the keys in your house whenever you take a stroll in town? If you say no, the reason is quite similar to a garage door opener. It also serves as another opening to your home which says a lot about incidents involving burglars. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to forget this tip.

Watch Your Fingers

The last thing you want to happen with the garage door is your fingers getting sheared from sheer force. Getting your hands caught in between door section cause injury. Do not forget to warn your children about this fact. If you have a manual garage opener, avoid pressing your hands against the garage door or better upgrade to an electric variant.

Do Not Go Under a Moving Garage Doors

We get it. It is very inconvenient when you remembered something you forgot inside the house while the garage door is closing. Trust us. It is not worth it getting crushed under the garage door as you failed to beat the closing door. Better yet, install sensors where the door is programmed to reopen once they hit a certain object.

Hire a Contractor

Installation, repair, and replacement of garage doors is not something that should be done by yourself. Considered as a major investment, one small mistake and it can cost you a functioning unit. It is a wiser move to hire a professional contractor like Top Garage Door Repairs in this regard.

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