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Garage door installation is not advisable for DIY projects. If you are interested in having one in your house, look no further than Top Garage Door Repair. Whether it is an installation of a new garage door or replacement of the old one in your home, we guarantee to fulfill your unique needs with flying colors. We stand by everything you want about garage doors, and we do our job seriously.

What Sets Us Apart

Top Garage Door Repairs has heard dozens of stories involving homeowners who hired the wrong contractor and settled with poorly installed garage doors. We have a 100% record for installation projects that are excellently done within the timeline. Our technicians commit to work around your schedule and finish their job diligently.

You do not have the read complex instruction manuals and surf the internet on how to install garage doors. Do not risk wasting your hard earned money with faulty installations and suffer the consequences later. Consult us now and experience the best of garage door installation in Bowie, MD.

We Go Beyond the Usual

Top Garage Door Repairs commits to install the perfect garage door in your house. Expect us to use quality materials and technology in our work. Choose from a variety of brands we have once you avail our services.

Most garage companies are operating until 5 PM to 6 PM to accommodate their clients. With Top Garage Door Repairs, we go beyond the norms of our extended operations up to 10 PM for those who are too busy with their daytime affairs. Top Garage Door Repairs also has emergency services where you can call us even in the dead hours of the night to fix any problems that arise in your garage doors.

Garage door

Our Garage Door
Installation Process

As your local garage door company, booking our garage door installation services is very easy. Set an appointment through personal visits, calls or online. From here, our friendly technicians will orient you on the garage door type that fits right for your home. Once you decided to hire our services, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the area to measure the necessary adjustments.

Also expect a concise quotation for our services, including a schedule of the materials needed and the timeline required for a project. We then set a date to commence the installation. Expect our technicians to go around the clock in order to finish the project on time.

Commitment to
Quality Installations

The garage door is crucial to home security so expect us to do our job with the highest level of care and professionalism. Ask anything you want to know with garage door installations, and we are more than glad to respond. We deal with our clients with a smile, while explaining things in a way that you fully understand.

You deserve functioning and long-lasting garage doors at home. Do not be contented with DIY projects that result in costly repairs from time to time. Contact Top Garage Door Repairs today and benefit from quality garage door installation in Bowie, MD.

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